Sunday, 15 February 2015

Back with an announcement!

Hello everyone, and a very belated, Happy New Year!
I hope you are all well and having a fabulous year so far. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may know this year has been very exciting for me so far, because, thats right I'm pregnant!! :)

 I am currently 19 weeks and 2 days pregnant, so very nearly half way through already. I had my first scan when I was 14 and 5, hence why it looks so clear and 'baby like' in the photo.
Everything was a bit late and rushed as I took a test a few weeks before Christmas so I struggled to get appointments etc. I stupidly waited weeks upon weeks after first thinking I may have been expecting to pluck up the courage to take a test. After miscarrying last year I was petrified it would all go wrong again. But I have a very healthy active baby growing inside me. Which I can not wait to see again in 8 days time, when I have my 20 week scan and find out the gender of my little baba.
I will of course be keeping you all up to date and posting about my pregnancy in the next 21 weeks or so. But if thats not your cup of tea, fear not I have plenty of beauty posts in the pipeline.

 (a couple of the adorable clothing items I bought last week)

As always thank you for reading and sticking with me while I've been MIA.
Much Love Gemma xo.

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