Friday, 8 April 2016

Mulberry Zip Around Purse

Hello again my lovelies, kind of a different one today. I have a purse to show you, and not just any old purse either, oh no, I have my first ever designer purse *squeals and does a happy dance*. A gorgeous Mulberry off my extremely generous boyfriend.

The purse is a Zip Around Wallet in Black Deep Embossed Croc Print and comes in at a whopping £325. It comes in a gorgeous small grey box embossed with a gold Mulberry logo and is wrapped in white tissue paper with Mulberry Trees printed all over it. The attention to detail with this purse is outstanding, even down to the packaging it comes in.

The purse has gold toned hardware and is made from a lovely soft vegetable tanned black leather, that has been 'deeply embossed' (hence the name) to create a beautiful crocodile skin effect. It's not something I would have picked out for myself, but as always my boyfriend got it exactly right and I fall more and more in love with it everyday. I swear that guy knows me far better than I know myself. The zip around is as far as I am aware Mulberry's largest purse, with 12 card slots, a zip compartment for change and 5 slip compartments, 3 in the main section and one behind each lot of card slots. Its absolutely perfect for me because I have so many store cards etc that I don't usually have enough slots for, in any purses that I buy. In this one though, I actually have one spare slot. I am also a hoarder of recipets which again this purse would be perfect for but I intend on changing and not keeping as many, so I don't stretch the leather. I am determined to make this purse last and I want it looking its best for as long as it possibly can. As expected with a designer purse every single thing is perfect and so well made. Every stitch is immaculate and I love how subtle it is, there are no huge Mulberry logos on it, instead there are small ones dotted around the purse, the biggest being the gold Mulberry plaque on the front of the purse. There is then another logo stamped inside the purse on the very back compartment. And finally the word Mulberry is etched into the gold zipper.

As you can probably tell, I am so in love with this purse and am beyond grateful to own it. I have a very amazing boyfriend thats for sure! I literally can't stop looking at it and my love for designer goods has just intensified, and let me tell you I was a lover of them long before owning this. I am now doing even more research than ever, into my next big purchase either a Louis Vuitton or Givenchy handbag.
Much Love,
Gemma xo.


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