Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Gemma Loves:: Liz Earle

Ok so I know I wasnt going to be writing any beauty blogs but I just have to share my love of Liz Earle with all you guys!
I assume you have all heard of Liz Earle but for those of you who havnt, It is a skincare range  (founded by Liz Earle and Kim Buckland) that uses naturally active ingredients (plant extracts etc.)That is suitable for absolutly everyone no matter age or skin type.
I first heard of Liz Earle when I was watching Youtube videos and reading blogs trying to find a decent skin care regime that I could stick to. Up until purchasing Liz Earle I was using a variety of brands and never really found anything too outstanding that really stood out to me! Therefore when a product would run out I would just look for a cheap replacement somewhere in town. And embarassingly I would often not even cleanse my skin instead I would wipe a facewipe across my face, tone then moisturise and I was good to go! (embarassing and shameful I know for a qualified Beauty Therapist :/)
So one day in July (the 20th to be precise) I placed an order on the Liz Earle website after months of pondering weather I should spend the money on these products or not! I ordered the Essentials Try-Me Kit, which contains the all famous Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser(30ml tube) the Instant Boost Skin Tonic(50ml bottle) and 2 15ml tubes of the Skin Repair moisturiser, one for dry/sensitive skin and one for normal/combination skin. I thought this would be the best thing to buy on my limited budget so I could test out the products before purchasing any full sized products! It turns out I do love Liz Earle products and they do wonders for my skin :)
Heres a picture of the Kit from the Liz Earle Website
So now three months have passed and I finally have a skin care regime in place that I am actually sticking to! I purchased a full size cleanser as soon as the mini one in the kit ran out! I honestly felt and saw such a difference in my skin the first time I used it and from then I knew that it would be my staple cleanser! No matter what toner and mosituriser I use in the future I will with out a doubt use Cleanse and Polist Hot Cloth Cleanser! I also loved the toner and a full size bottle arrived on my doorstep yesterday the small 30ml bottle in the kit lasted all this time so this full sized one will hopefully not need replacing anytime in the near future! Now as for the moisturiser I havnt purchased a full sized one because right now my skin has a mind of its own, one day it'll be oily the next it will be dry! (I blame all the foundations and primers I have been trying out recently) so until my skin decides what its going to do im just alternating between cheaper alternatives aimed at certain skin types!
Aswell as there amazing skincare products. Liz Earle's service is brilliant! When ordering off the website (theres no where to purchase Liz Earle where I live so I do it all online) your order is delivered in just a few days and the products always come beautifully wrapped. You recieve small guides on how to use the products you have purchased. And everytime Ive had a delivery Ive recieved a small sample product, when I placed my first order I recieved a booklet showing and explaining all Liz Earle products along with a 15ml tube of the Skin Repair Light moisturiser for combination/oily skin and also a sachet of the Sheer Skin Tint in all 4 shades! My second purchase was the full sized cleanser and along with that I got a sample of a body wash (I cant remember what it was called because I didnt really like the scent so my boyfriend nicked it!) and with my most recent order, 200ml toner and the Rose and Lavender Special Edition Cleanse and Polish (i love the scent of this and I will be using it as my night time cleanser) I recieved a sample of the new perfume; Botanical Essence No.15. I honestly can not describe to you how much I am in love with this scent! It's amazing! When I first found out about the perfume I wasnt impressed and I didnt think I would like it, how wrong was I?! I think I will have to be purchasing it sometime soon!

Special Edition Cleanser

I feel like that was a very rambling boring post but I just had to share my love of Liz Earle with you guys! Im sorry for the lack of my own pictures but I did hopelessly try to take a few snaps with my awful replacement Sony Ericcson phone but they were shocking so Im afraid these images I got off the net will have to do.
The perfume I am dying to buy
Hope you enjoyed this post.
Much Love Gemma xo.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Tag: Get To Know Me!

After realising that doing Beauty Blogs isnt going to happen for another few months, Ive decided to do some Tags and things that dont require pictures! So you can get to know me abit more and this wont be an empty boring blog! So here goes, 'The Get To Know Me Tag'...

Basic Information!
My name is Gemma Ferris
I really dont know where to start with this, alot of people call me Gem, some family call me Gemzi and silly things like that. My best friend Tasha calls me Twinny and My boyfriend calls me absolutly all sorts, RatBag, Smelly, Baba etc
17th April
Place of Birth
Barrow in Furness
Star Sign
I work in a cafe so I guess officially my title would be something like 'Cafe Assistant'
Hair Colour
A mixtue of Brown and Black atm it needs sorting out!!
Hair Length
Erm mid length Id say
Eye Colour
Best Feature
I hate questions like this so much! My eyes maybe? I dont have a best feature!!
Ive never had braces
I have my ears pierced once and my belly button
I have 5 stars going down the back of my neck, and have alot more planned for the future
Lefty or Righty?
Best Friend
When I first started school (age 5) I became best friends with a girl in my class called Victoria, We were literally inseperable resulting in being put in different classes in our second year of school! We were heartbroken but that never stopped us being together at break times, lunch times and back at home. Our families became really close and we have all been friends ever since. Our families used to go on trips together of a weekend and have numerous parties together. As we grew up we made new friends and became 'best friends' with other people but still to this day we class each other as 'thee best friends'  Me and Toria went on holiday together in the summer and we still see each other quite regular 16 years after meeting!
Oh I literally have no idea maybe something for handwriting or attendance in school! I really could not tell you
The first sports team I played for was my Junior School netball team I absolutly loved it and went on to playing for my Secondary Schools first team. I started out as Goal Keeper but went on to being Goal Defence permentantly just incase you were wondering
Real Holiday
My family never went abroad together we would take day trips to many places up and down the Uk and we went on a 10 day holiday to Wales to visit some family but other than that. I never really travelled much. I went to France with school twice. And then I guess my first real holiday was last year when I went to Zante with Toria the friend I spoke about before
Oh how embarassing it was something stupid like Elliot Minor at a local venue! Fear not though I have been to countless gigs since for example Green Day and Take That (with Robbie Williams!!!) were my absolute favourite arena gigs. And Iam also a festival lover I have been to Leeds Festival twice, V Festival (I saw Eminem here which was my all time favourite thing I have ever seen) and Kendal Calling. So overall I have seen at least 50 bands/acts!
Erm I have no idea I love so many films and it changes constantly. For years when I was young my favourite film was The Parent Trap but now it changes all the time, If I had to pick right now it would either be one of the Twilight films or Taken, Yeh Id probably say my favourite film right now is the first Taken it is absolutly amazing!!!! I still sit biting my fingernails everytime I watch it even though Ive seen it hundreds of times!
TV Show
I watch so much tv I cant even think but it would probably be Pretty Little Liars! 
As you can probably tell from my blog I love both Pink and Purple
Eminem - Sing For The Moment
I havnt really been to any restaurants that are situated all over the place because I only live in a small ish town. But we have a restaurant here called Francescas which is absolutly gorgeous! I love Italian food and their Italian dishes are to die for!
Ermm probably Topshop although I can afford it all the time so I most often than not shop in New Look
The Twilight books without a doubt
I dont have any but I would love some Christian Louboutins
Pretty content actually Im not bored for once even though Im sat alone in my bedroom. Im not tired or hungry or missing my boyfriend (hes only at work but I do miss him whenever hes not with me) so yeh Im pretty happy right now :)
Single or Taken?
I am taken and extremly happy!
Nothing Ive only been awake for an hour and a half so I havnt ate anything today Ive just been lying in bed catching up on Youtube videos and writing this blog post
Listening to
Again Im not listening to anything right now
Thinking about
Just these questions really and how nice the candle next to me smells!
Grey and Pink pyjamas
Want Children?
Yes Im one of these girls that want nothing more than to settle down with a family! I cant wait to be a parent!!
Want to Marry?
Again absolutly yes!
Career Choices?
I studied Beauty Therapy at college and I would love to get back into that again! But I think I would most likely have to move away to get a job in Beauty again because there are so many people that do it where I live there just isnt much room for anymore.
Where do you want to live?
I would love to move to America, ideally L.A if not maybe some big city here in the Uk although I am loving beautiful cottages in small towns so maybe in the middle of nowhere? Who knows haha
No not at all. But I do respect people that do believe in God I just really do not believe some superior being exists :/ 
I think birth of a child is a miracle and extremly sick people becoming well again etc is also so miracle so yes i do
Love at first sight
Personally I have never fell in love straight away and for me I have to get to know someone before I can love them but yeh I think its possible for someone else to fall in love when they first set eyes on someone.
Yes I would love to see one even though it would terrify the hell out of me!
Erm yeh I think there could be other life out there somewhere
Soul Mates
Yes and without the risk of sounding cheesey I think I have found mine
Hmm this is a very tough one, I never really believed in anything after you die until my mam died in 2010, After it happened it got me thinking and hoping that once you die thats not just it! The thought of just disappearing scares the hell out of me and I do hope we go somewhere else where we can be happy and illness/pain free. So I dont necessarily believe that we go to this beautiful place in the sky called heaven. But I do believe our existance doesnt just stop and there is something more for us once we have left this earth and I hope that my mam is very happy in that place and I will eventually meet her there one day.
I dont honestly know, I know I would not want people like murderers peadophiles etc to go to a nice place once they die so maybe I do believe they should go to a place like hell. I dont honestly know
Kissing on a first date
Yes if it feels right go for it!
Wow it got a little deep at the end there! But there you go, I hope that has given you a little bit more of an insight into me. I really enjoyed doing this tag actually so expect a few more in the near future ;) I used to always answer these sorts of quizzes on Myspace and Facebook. So maybe I can start doing them again here for you guys! Thanks for taking the time out to read this :)
Much Love Gemma xo.

Monday, 15 October 2012

I Cant Wait Til Christmas!

So basically Im a rubbish blogger!
And my excuse is... I dont have a camera AND my iPhone is broke (i miss instagram so much!!), therefore taking pictures is impossible :( and I dont want to use pictures I find online! I have a million blog posts in my head but without pictures they seem pointless. So until Christmas when I eventually get a decent camera (eek i cant wait, i love my dad :P) or until I find £500 for a new iPhone this blog will more than likely remain rather quiet :( Roll on the end of December!!
I have a New Years Resolution already - WRITE MORE BLOG POSTS AND TAKE HUNDREDS OF PICTURES!! Lets just hope I stick to it!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Fashion Wishlist

Hello Again,
Today Im going to be continuing with my 'Wishlist' series. This time showing you a few of the Fashion bits and pieces that I really want! I could have gone on forever with this but I've cut it down to 5 items. Enjoy!

1. ForeverUnique Shimmer Dress, this dress isnt actually avaliable on the website anymore (I've included the link to the site though just incase you want to check it out, they have the most stunning clothes!) but I thought I would include it anyway because it is beautiful and from the minute I saw Lucy Mecklenburgh wearing it on The Only Way Is Essex a few months ago I fell in love with it. However it had a hefty pricetag of around £360 so there was no way I was ever going to order it, but its without a doubt at the top of my wishlist. If only I was rich and it was still avaliable :(
2. River Island Boots, one thing you dont know about me is this - I am obsessed with studs! So these boots are literally perfect for me! I love wearing military style boots around this time of year and I would love to own this pair from River Island (military/biker boots with studs? perfect!) but at £75 I cant afford them right now, maybe in a month or so they'll be mine!
3. Mulberry Bayswater Bag, I love this bag so much, Ive been wanting a new bag for a long time now (Im currently using a Pauls Boutique Tilly Twister bag) and Ive been eyeing up this Mulberry bag for sometime. Ive always wanted a designer handbag but I just can not afford it! But if I ever have the money I think a Mulberry is what I'll get, they are such iconic beautiful bags and I would love to own one.
4. Michael Kors Watch, again Ive been looking for the perfect watch for some time now,and since stumbling across Michael Kors I have fell in love with Rose Gold. Ive always wanted a watch with diamonds on it and this one is amazing. Rose Gold with Diamonds! Win. But the pricetag is too high right now
5. New Look Jacket, ahhhh this is amazing. Its a beautiful quilted jacket with studs on that I ran over to a few weeks ago in New Look. I absolutly adore it. Only thing is its getting extremly cold where I live and it is just not practical! Plus I have a leather jacket extremly similar to this, so is there any point in buying it?! My answer is yes I need this jacket in my life. And I have a suspicion I will be purchasing it very soon. I just dont think I can miss out on it!
So there we have it another Wishlist post done and dusted. I love all of these items and would love to own them all! I have a sneaky feeling that I will be purchasing a few of them sometime in the near future but the others will unfortunelty just stay as a dream!
What do you think of my top 5 picks? And what are yours? I would love to find out.
Much Love Gemma xo.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Makeup Wishlist

Ive seen a fair few 'Wishlist' posts around recently so ive decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a few myself. Starting with some make up items I would love to have but cant quite justify spending the money on them :(

1. Dior Rose Diamond, looks like such a stunning highlight and the packaging is just beautiful and would look amazing in my make up collection, but unfortunetly right now I just could not justify spending so much money
2. Soleil Tan de Chanel, again this just looks gorgeous and everybody says how fantastic it is! It seems Im the only person to not have it! If I happen to have quite a bit of money going spare then this is a must buy for me!
3. Nars Lipstick, honestly I would love to try out alot of the Nars Lipsticks because I have heard such great things about them. Im a total Nars virgin and I think my first purchase would be either the Semi Matte Lipstick in Funny Face. Its a beautiful pink that I would adore wearing. Or the bronzer everyone seems to have - Laguna (i decided not to feature Laguna in this post because two bronzers in one wishlist may be a tad greedy :P)
4. HD Brow Kit, well alot of people have this and love it, and apparently it lasts a long time aswell so it would be perfect as I am always filling in my brows. Now one major reason I havnt purchased this is because, as far as I am aware it isnt stocked anywhere close to me and with being the eyebrow prefectionist that I am, I want an absolutly perfect colour match and guessing at a colour online and buying it is just not for me!! Rest assured when I find this in a shop/salon some where I will be buying it there and then!
5. Mac Eyeshadow Palette, it goes without saying that a massive make up fan like me, wants nothing more than 15 beautiful Mac Eyeshadows in one handy palette! But unfortunetly I dont have £100+ just lying around to be spent on eyeshadow :( But as sad as this sounds an absolute dream of mine would be to stroll into a Mac Store, pick up a palette and buy 15 shades to go in it! Fingers crossed that one day I'll do just that! A blush palette wouldnt go a miss either ;)
6. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, so lastly Ive been dying to try out a new (high end) foundation and Ive heard nothing but good things about this one! Once again Ive never purchased anything from Laura Mercier and I would love to do so but £33 for a foundation from a brand Ive never used? Its a bit too risky for me! I know it would more than likely be perfect but I think maybe a sample of it would be better first :)
So there we go 6 make up products I am dying to get my hands on but unfortunetly I cant afford because my little part time job in a cafe just wont let me! One day when Ive saved up enough money all these products and more will be mine, but for now a girl can only dream cant she?!
Whats on your Makeup Wishlist? Id love to know!
Much Love Gemma xo.