Sunday, 31 March 2013

10 Day You Challenge. Day 7 - 4 Books

Happy Easter lovely ladies, hope your all having a lovely break and haven't ate too much chocolate! That's if you've even received any Easter Eggs it seems the older we get the less chocolate eggs we get given :( Booo! Anyways on to today's challenge, 4 of my favourite books.

1. The Twilight Saga ofc! I love them!! Defininetly my favourite.

2. Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban is my fave Harry Potter book. Loved them when I was growing up!

3. All of Katie Price's autobiographies, yes I know they aren't wrote entirely by her, but I love her and her books are awesome. Don't judge me!

4. PS. I Love You, its great and the film is awesome too :)

There you go my 4 of my fave books, that was actually quiet hard to come up with, because I don't really read anymore. I'll be back tomorrow. Probably hungover, because I'm going out tonight. It's Super Sunday after all! Does anyone else have Super Sunday? I thought it was a northern thing but apparently it's just something from where I live as an excuse to get drunk, let me know if you've heard of it before please :)
Much Love Gemma xo.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

10 Day You Challenge. Day 6 - 5 Foods

Hi Girls, I thought Id quickly post today's You Challenge whilst my homemade pizza is cooking in the over :) Today is Day 6 which is 5 foods I love.

1. Cheese, I love the stuff. I probably like everything that has cheese in it, and I think I probably eat some form of it every day (I really don't know if that's healthy :/ but nevermind) 

2. Trifle, I can't get enough of the little singular Strawberry Trifles you get from Tesco recently. In fact I just love any type of dessert, trifles, cupcakes, cream cakes, sticky toffe pudding, eton mess. The list is endless I have such a sweet tooth!

3. Steak, rare steak is the best!

4. Chocolate, I'm a girl enough said. I love the stuff.

5. Roast dinner, You can't beat a good roast dinner. I don't eat a lot of veg, but meat, roasties, mash, gravy and yorshire puddings is all I need for a great roast!

What are your favourite foods? Has anyone else started this challenge or am I still the only one? Let me know :) Thank you for reading.
Much Love Gemma xo.

Friday, 29 March 2013

10 Day You Challenge. Day 5 - 6 Places

Hiya Beauties, Today is Day 5 of the 10 Day You Challenge. 6 Places, I don't actually know what places I'm meant to talk about so I've decided to mention a few places I love and a few I want to visit!

1. My bed, its literally the best place in the world I love it.

2. Liverpool, I don't know why I just love going there its my fave place to shop and I just think its a great city.

3. The countryside, with living in Cumbria I am surrounded by countryside and even though I hardly ever do it I love walking through country lanes on a sunny day, its so relaxing and lovely.

4. New York, I am desperate to go there! I'd love doing all the touristy things (I want to see ground zero, the statue of liberty etc) and most importantly I would love to go shopping there. I really want to go in summer and at Christmas time too. I also really want to visit LA and Florida, In fact I would love to just have a massive trip travelling round America.

5. Paris, I went there when I was 14 on a school trip and I loved it! I really want to go back, me and my boyfriend have been saying we're going to go there together for ages now. One day it will happen!

6. Beaches, there's nothing nicer than lying on a red hot beach surrounded by beautiful scenery sipping on cocktails soaking up the sun! Wahhh I really want to go on holiday this year!

So there's my 6 places, where would you like to visit? Let me know.
Much Love Gemma xo.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

10 Day You Challenge. Day 4 - 7 Wants

Hi Girls, First of all I made it too 1000 views on the blog this morning so I would just like to say thank you so much, for coming back and visiting my blog time and time again, I really do appreciate every single one of you and I can't thank you enough. I'm so happy to have reached my second milestone :) with that being said onto the challenge, 7 things I want.

1. My mam, it will never happen but if I could have one thing in the world it would be to have her back.

2. More money, me and the boy are really struggling at the minute and I just want a load of money to fall into our lap and all our money trouble to be gone.

3. A massive shopping spree, this follows on from the last thing, I want to go to Liverpool (my fave place to shop, because where I live is rubbish!!!) or somewhere and buy as much make up, clothes, beauty products etc, as I want, without a care in the world.

4. My skin to miraculously become perfect. I by no means have awful skin but I have a few imperfections I would like to see the back of and be left with amazing flawless skin.

5. I really want to go for a nice Carvery followed by an Eton Mess, I've literally been craving Eton Mess for a good few weeks now.

6. Nice weather, right now the sun is shining but it's freezing!! I just want scorching hot weather like I had in Zante last summer!

7. My blog to continue to grow and do well, as I've said before, I love my blog and really want it to become a bigger part of my life. I've loved seeing it gradually grow and I can't wait to see whats in store for me and my blog in the future. It's like my little baby haha.

There you have it then, 7 things I really want :) 
Thank you again for visiting my blog and if you haven't already, please do follow me on GFC it would make my day. Hope you've had a good day and are looking forward to a well deserved Easter break.
Much Love Gemma xo.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wednesday Afternoon Pampering

Hi Lovelies, if you follow me on Instagram (gemmaferris91 if you would like to) then you may have saw a picture that I posted about an hour ago - 

(instagram picture)

As its my day off I decided I would give my skin a good clean and pamper, because I've been noticing some imperfections which I thought I may be able to clear up. Here's the products and what I did.

(l-r montagne jeunesse mud pac mask, soap and glory peaches and clean, no7 beautiful skin cleansing water, simple anti-blemish moisturiser, la roche-posay effaclar duo, soap and glory scrub your nose in it, liz earle instant boost skin tonic)

First of all I soaked a cotton pad in my No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water, to make sure there was no make up residue left on my face. Last night I was so tired all I did was use this cleansing water then went to sleep so there could well have been some make up left on my skin from yesterday (yuck!) Then I cleansed with Soap and Glory's, Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk, leaving it to soak into my skin for an extra few minutes to ensure a deep cleanse, then removing in circular movements with one of my Liz Earle muslin cloths soaked in warm water. I got this cleanser when I ran out of my beloved Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, and although its a lovely product and hasn't done anything bad to my skin I don't think I will repurchase it, I'm too set in my ways with my LE cleanser which I adore! Whilst I was in the shower and my pores had opened up with all of the steam and heat I applied the Scrub Your Nose In It Face Scrub from Soap and Glory, I applied this to my t - zone with my fingers, and then buffed it in a bit more with an exfoliating brush, that I have from when I did Beauty Therapy in college. Again I left this to soak into my skin for a few minutes then using the same technique as before I removed it with a muslin cloth. Once I'd had a shower and my face was dry, I applied the Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask with a face mask brush and left that on for 15 minutes, whilst I sat back and relaxed. Once that had set I removed it with warm water on a flannel and spritzed the Instant Boost Skin Tonic all over my face to refresh my skin (as you know I love this product!). Lastly I finished off with some of my Effaclar Duo and Simple moisturiser for a double helping of blemish fighting goodness.
After all of that my skin is now feeling super clean and soft. My pores are all unclogged but still haven't shrunk. And there is no sign of any oilyness on my t - zone. I really enjoyed this little pamper session and would do it again if I ever wanted a really deep facial cleanse and hour of relaxation! There's nothing better than taking some time out to relax and pamper yousrelf!

If you would like reviews of any of the products I have used, then please do let me know, as I would be happy to do that for you guys. And also any product recommendations for reducing pore size are VERY MUCH WELCOMED so please tell me of any wonder products you use, as large pores are something that really bug me and I want to get rid of!!
Hope you enjoyed this post. And if you haven't had a pamper for a long time, go and have one, it makes you look and feel so much better! And everyone loves that!
Much Love Gemma xo.

10 Day You Challenge. Day 3 - 8 Fears

Hi Everyone, Today is day 3 of the 10 Day You Challenge. And I'll be sharing 8 of my fears with you all.

1. I'm sure you all know this one by now, I am terrified of Daddy Long Legs.

2. Small spaces and being trapped really creep me out I am definitely claustrophobic.

3. Losing the people I love, I'm sure everyone fears this but I can't stand the thought of losing any more people I am close to.

4. Drowning, in fact just water in general scares me! Can't stand the stuff. Your lucky if you get me in a swimming pool!

5. Boats, I don't know why but I hate standing next to boats it gives me shivers. I can get on one but standing next to one creeps me out :/

6. Bridges, I can walk over them no problem but hate standing at the edge of them, especially if they have railings where you can see the water. Urgh scary!

7. Dying, I really don't need to explain that do I?!

8. Demons, if they are real that is. Ghosts and stuff don't bother me, in fact I want to see one but evil spirits etc scare the crap out of me! Thank you horror movies!! Even if my boyfriend makes a grumbling noise like you hear in the movies it terrifies me and he gets shouted at haha.

Wow that was actually really difficult to come up with 8 fears, I had to really rack my brain.
Hope your all having a good week.
Much Love Gemma xo.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

10 Day You Challenge. Day 2 - 9 Loves

Hi Everyone, I'm back with the second day of my '10 Day You Challenge' today is 9 of my loves. Here goes:

1. All my family and friends, they are the best people in the world :)

2. My boyfriend Arron, the best thing that has ever happened to me I've never been so happy in my life.

3. Cheese, I love any food with cheese in. I think I'm addicted to the stuff.

4. Blogging, even though I've not been posting as often as I would like to. I love doing it and have spoke to some amazing people since starting up.

5. Shopping, there's nothing better than a big shopping spree. Yay for retail therapy!

6. Instagram, this has to be one of the best apps out there. I'm on it every single day and love posting pictures and having a nosey at everyone elses. I am - gemmaferris91 if you wanna follow me :)

7. TV, I watch so much TV its unreal, I love anything from the soaps to murder documentaries. I also love American comedies, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl and How I Met You Mother, are my favourites and I also can't get enough of reality TV shows like Geordie Shore, Made In Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex.

8. Twitter, just like Instagram I am on it everyday. I have a twitter just for my blog @Gemmas_Beauty I try my best to join in with the #bbloggers chat every Wednesday and Sunday so come and say hi :)

9. Make Up, obviously! I love the stuff and am always buying it. I really want to build up a massive collection!

10. My onesies, after work I jump into one and at the weekend you probably won't see me in anything else. If I'm at home I am always in one, they are just so comfy and warm I LOVE them.

So there you go 9 things I love more than anything in the world, hope you enjoyed it. As always feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you decide to do this challenge too.
Much Love Gemma xo.

Monday, 25 March 2013

10 Day You Challenge. Day 1 - 10 Secrets

Hey Beauties, So I've been on the look out for a series I could do and I found this nice little challenge on the lovely Missmakeup96's blog and I thought I'd give it ago myself. Posting one of the 10 things everyday. First up, 10 of my secrets, well, I say secrets, I don't really have any so these are 10 things you may not know about me -

1. I really don't want to turn 22 next month.

2. I used to go out drinking every single Friday and Saturday, and quite often Thursdays too, for about 2 years. Nowadays I go out about once a month if that.

3. I kind of went off the rails for a little bit when my Mam died when I was 19.

4. If I could have one thing in the entire world it would be to have her back :( Losing her was the hardest and most painful thing I have ever been through in my entire life.

5. I was anorexic for quite a few years after I left school!

6. I never trusted anyone until I met my boyfriend.

7. I can't wait to have kids and get married, like many girls I've had it all planned out for years.

8. I've been hurt so many times before I never thought I'd be happy again. But since meeting my boyfriend a year ago I haven't been happier.

9. I'm really shy when I first meet someone but after a while I really open up and am a really talkative and outgoing person.

10. I really want my blog to become a larger part of my life. I've loved blogging so far and have spoke to some of the loveliest girls since starting out :)

I'm hoping to do this challenge in the set 10 days but I'm making no promises, I'm afraid :)
Let me know if you decide to do it yourself. 
Much Love Gemma xo.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Saturday Questionnaire! 23rd March 2013

Hello my lovelies :) Totally forgot to do one of these last week, because as you may or may not know, I was suffering from a hangover and after travelling home on the train, I did nothing but lie in bed all day. Now that I am fresh and back to blogging I thought I would start my weekly questionnaire post again. Enjoy.

1. Mood:
I am absolutely fine :)

2. When making a sandwich, do you care if one of the bread slices is the end of the loaf?
Not really, but I try and avoid using the crust.

3.) What is the weather like today?
As you will all probably know the weather in the UK is miserable at the minute, its snowing and is freezing cold :( It's March for goodness sake we want better weather than this!!

4. Current nail polish:
Non as per usual.

5. What ring setting do you keep your cell phone on at night: loud or silent? (Or the phone completely off?)
Silent, only because its an old phone and I like non of the tones on it.

6. Current outfit:
If you follow me on Twitter you will know, I woke up chilled on the laptop in my onesie til about 5pm, showered and got into another onesie :) So my pink onesie! I'm having a lazy day.

7. What is your favorite Disney movie?
Bambi, I loved it as a child.

8. Can you whistle using your fingers?

9. When doing laundry, do you separate loads (lights/darks, delicates, etc.) or throw everything together?
Separate. Always have done. I don't want my light clothes dying a different colour!

10. Weekly goals:
Finish off tidying my bedroom. It has been a mammoth task so far, and we still have lots to do.

Hope your all having a good weekend and haven't been affected to badly by this snow. And if your reading this from somewhere sunny, I envy you, I really do!
Much Love Gemma xo.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Lychee

Hi Beauties, I'm on a roll with the posts today. This being my second of the day. Here I'm going to talk about one of the recent nail polishes I have picked up.

I've been after one of these new-ish Barry M polishes for a while now but for some reason just didn't pick any up. A few weeks ago when I was in Superdrug I noticed these were on offer for, 2 for £6 along with the new textured polishes. I've got to be honest I've had my eyes on most of the colours in this range for a long time and after a lot of pondering I decided to go for this nude 'Lychee' and the pink textured polish named, 'Kingsland Road' (which I'm sure I will blog about in the near future)

I've never really wanted a nude for my nails, because I always felt my skin was too pale and would just look stupid. But after seeing loads of pictures of nude nails floating around the blogosphere and Instagram I decided I wanted to try one out. And after seeing countless reviews on this I decided to go for it. Afterall if it didn't suit me I hadn't lost out on a lot of my money. These usually cost £3.99.

It turns out I love it! Lychee is a gorgeous beige nude that actually complements my pale skin. The shine on these polishes are amazing! Both times I've wore this polish I haven't used a top coat and my nails still looked super shiny and last really well. I never wear nail polish for longer than a couple of days because of work so these are perfect. I only noticed slight chips after 3 days without a top coat so with one I assume they would last much longer. They are fully opaque after 2 coats and if your in a hurry, 1 coat would actually be enough. The consistency is really lovely and applies easily without any streaks. I really do love this polish and I am absolutely certain I will be adding more Gelly Hi-Shines to my collection, they are fantastic!

(please excuse the shoddy application)

Have you tried these Nail Paints? If so what do you think of them? And do you have any suggestions of other colours in the range that I should buy?
Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe want to try these out for yourself.
Thanks for reading.
Much Love Gemma xo.

Instagram Post #5

Hi Lovelies, My head really hasn't been into blogging recently so I apologise for my severe lack of posts recently. Hopefully I'm back with regular posting from now on. I have a few posts I'm hoping to get up today and a lot more up my sleeve, So lets hope I have the motivation to write them all and keep your eyes peeled.
Here's a look at my Instagram recently to ease me back into blogging :)

First up the YSL Mascara Set I got from Debenhams a few weeks back. I love it! Tesco Express opened on my street last month and I went straight out and got myself some delicious cupcakes! I buy the Cookies & Cream ones all the time now, they are gorgeous! The best chocolate from the box my boy bought me for Valentines Day! It was huge, had bits of Raspberry in it and was white and pink chocolate, perfectly amazing! For anyone that thinks Pole Dancing is 'sexy' and whatever else, NO! your wrong, it bloody hurts and I often come home with bruises, this massive one (the size of my hand) appeared after an hours lesson trying to learn a new move! I'd been dying to recieve this Boots order for over a week, I was far too excited when it arrived. I eventually bought some of the new effects polishes from Barry M, a textured in Kingsland Road and Gelly Hi Shine in Lychee when they were on 2 £6 in Superdrug. The array of different brands I use on my everyday face! I never realised I used so much until I put them altogether for this photo. My new obsession, Old El Paso spicy chicken fajitas, we use the Extra Mild kit and I add lettuce cheese and sour cream and herbs sauce to mine, definitely my favourite food at the minute! A few weekends ago me and my boyfriend stayed at my Auntie's house while she was away, to look after her cats. I took countless pictures of the cats, Ginger one is Tizer the Black one is Sooty and the Grey and White is called Zazzles. Zazzles got on the top of the kitchen door on the first night, so funny! I love these little Milkybar Bunnies they've bought out for Easter. And finally the recent pole move I achieved on Tuesday, I was so happy to eventually do it and I am rather proud of myself, it requires a lot of upper body strength and took quite a while to master! I'm still contemplating doing a post on this sport, because I am still wary of what people will think and the negativity I could receive. If its something you'd be interested in though, please let me know

Hope everyone's had a good week and haven't had anymore problems with this worsening weather. I've had two power cuts whilst writing this up, nothing to do with the weather I'm sure but still, I'm not best pleased.
Much Love Gemma xo.

Monday, 18 March 2013

GFC and My Bloglovin link!

Hello everyone! So as you all will be well aware by now, everyone is panicing about the fact Google Friend Connect could well be disappearing in the near future. I don't know all the facts, but from what I can gather there hasn't been any mention from Google that GFC will be going, but people are presuming it could well be in the pipeline. And are going into full on panic mode! Fearing they will lose many followers they have gained through a lot of hard work and time.
Personally I use GFC for following most of my favourite blogs and will be gutted if it does go as its so east to use and something I'm used to using. However I've been on Bloglovin ever since setting up my blog. So I now follow everyone on there now as well as GFC, so no matter what happens I can still access my favourite blogs.
I would very much appreciate anyone who follows me here to click onto my Bloglovin and follow me there aswell :)
I appreciate every single one of you and wouldn't want to lose any of you if GFC does get the chop.
And if you haven't already imported all your blogs to Bloglovin click HERE and do it now, it takes 2 seconds and all the people you follow will be in one place straight away.
Much Love Gemma xo.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water

Hiya Everyone. A review for you all today. And I apologise in advance, I just can not string words together today!

After receiving a voucher for £5 off No7 products in Boots, I decided to pick up this Cleansing Water. I've been wanting to try Bioderma for a long time so got this as a first dip into the world of micellar waters. I've been using this for about 3 weeks and I am really pleased with it. 

I have combination skin and I've had no problems with it at all. It hasn't dried out my skin nor has it broke me out or made me oily. It's just done a wonderful job of removing my make up every night. I use one large cotton pad with about 8 pumps of this to take off my make up. I rarely use it on my eyes, because to be honest it isn't great at removing eye make up, and it does sting slightly as its not really meant for the eye area. After use I will then use my normal cleanser to make sure all my make up is completely removed and I am left with squeaky clean skin.

I haven't noticed any tightening of my pores since using this. However I don't seem to be as oily on my t-zone as I was before using this. So if your on the look out for a make up remover that will help with reducing oil then the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water, might be something to look into further. It's usually £9 but Boots often have offers on No7 products so keep an eye out for them. I got this for just £4 and it is definitely worth it. Because of the beauty blogger inside me I will no doubt be trying Bioderma now its in the UK. I'm really hoping it's worth the hype and will be more effective than this to remove both face and eye make up.
Much Love Gemma xo.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Saturday Questionnaire 9th March 2013

Hello again lovelies. This weekend you may or may not have known I volunteered to look after my Aunties 3 cats whilst she is away! Let me tell you, I did not think it would be this stressful! Last night they were all perfect! This morning again perfect, all three were happily sleeping so I nipped home and did a few errands in town. An hour and a half later when I got back not one of them had moved, until about 45 minutes ago, they all started fighting with each other and I was chasing them around like a headless loon, trying to keep them apart. I couldn't even get 5 minutes to make myself a bagel for dinner, and as for the YouTube video I was trying to watch, well that didn't happen at all after pausing it at least 10 times I gave in. So now there's eventually a bit of peace and quiet (they've all now decided to sleep again) I thought I would get cracking on with this weeks 10 questions :)
Apologies for the long ranting intro but I thought I'd tell you's all about my eventful afternoon. Usually I would be at home relaxing at this time of day, after waking up only a few short hours previous! Well not this weekend, not at all! Early mornings and chasing cats is on my agenda for the next few days!

how these 3 cuties fight and cause so much chaos i don't know, l - r Sooty, Tizer and Zazzles

1. Mood:
As you can probably tell, I'm stressed and tired hahah but its all good fun!

2. What is the last song/album you purchased?
I honestly can't remember. I think the last time I walked in to a shop and bought music was the day, Lostprophets 'The Betrayed' album was released back in 2010? I don't buy music anymore, I know that's a bad thing but I just don't have the money to buy cds anymore.

3. The best video game system ever is __________.
I LOVED the PlayStation 1! Croc: Legend of the Gobbos was my favourite thing ever! Nowadays I love the Wii Fit Board!

4. Current nail polish:
I'm not wearing any.

5. How many times did you hit the snooze button this morning? 
None! I wasn't woken by an alarm.

6. Current outfit:
Skinny Jeans, Oversized Skull Jumper and Boots.

7. What is the furthest distance you've ever driven?
I don't drive.

8. You can only use one mascara for the rest of your life-- which one is it?!
Probably my new YSL Volume Effect Faux Clis, I've only recently decided to start really looking around for a good mascara. And at the minute that one is the one I am loving and could happily use forever.
9. If you could have a $1000 gift card to anywhere right now, where would you choose?
I really want to say something like Debenhams for all the Makeup and Beauty stuff but if I was being practical it would have to be somewhere like Topshop as I need more clothes desperately. 

10. Weekly Goals:
I don't really have any this week.

So there you go, 10 new things about me and a stressed out rant about these 3 cats I have the pleasure of looking after all weekend! I can't wait for my boyfriend to get back from playing Rugby so he can help me out a bit. I hope your all having a more relaxed weekend than I am, and if you constantly look after mischievous cats (or any other animal for that matter) I take my hat off to you!
Much Love Gemma xo.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

February Favourites

Hi Beauties, Sorry for the lateness of this favourites post but I just couldn't decide what to feature in it. So here's 5 of my most reached for products in the month of February!

First up a skincare product -

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic - I bought this way back in September (i think) and I have been using it every single day since and I love it. Some people don't use a toner at all and think its a pointless step in their skincare routine. I on the other hand have been using them everyday since doing Beauty Therapy in college. I'm not sure if my skin actually benefits from it, because I haven't stopped using toners at all for the past 5 or 6 years, but I really enjoy using them, they really freshen up the skin and make it feel really clean and clear. I use this after cleansing. I spray it 4 times on a cotton pad and sweep it across my face, to make sure my face is completely clean and make up free. The smell of this toner is absolutely gorgeous and it really wakes my skin up, once I finish this I will definitely be repurchasing it.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Deep Nourishing Intensive Mask - I've been really looking after my hair recently and I think this has really helped. Since using it my hair has been really lovely and smooth. I use this at least once a week and I really like it. I reviewed it here if you would like to take a look.

MAC Girl About Town - This was my first MAC lipstick that I bought back in January. It's a gorgeous bright fuscia pink and I fell in love with it as soon as I laid eyes on it. Whenever I go out I use either this or the Rimmel Apocalips I'm about to talk about.

Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang - As you may know from reading this review I went out and bought 2 Rimmel Apocalips' the day they came out. I thought the bright pink I bought would be my favourite but in actual fact Big Bang is, this bright true red has been my most reached for since purchasing them. I've never owned such a red before, its really lovely and bright. The Apocalips themselves are really good too. They feel like a gloss when applied but dry to a beautiful matte finish. With the amazing pigmentation of a high end lipstick. I'm sure a well be extending my collection of colours very soon.

MUA Blusher Shade 2 -  I've been using MUA's blusher in shade 2 everyday I've wore make up in February. Its a lovely light dusky pink colour with ever so slight shimmer in it. The pigmentation is actually rather good for a product costing just £1, one quick swirl in the pan is enough to give my cheeks a lovely flush of colour. For only £1 I will definitely pick this up again, I have 3 of the 6 shades but this one is the one I use most. (As you may be able to tell the blusher in the very first picture in this post isn't actually shade 2, because the writing on the front of the packaging has completely faded and I wanted you to be able to see what the blushes look like, so I used another one of the colours in my collection so sorry if that causes confusion, also apologies for the messy packaging, I forgot to clean it before photographing)

Hope you enjoyed this most, and maybe have a few ideas of new products you would like to try out. What were your most reached for products in February? Be sure to let me know.
Much Love Gemma xo. 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Saturday Questionnaire! 2nd March 2013

Hi Beauties, I actually forgot it was Saturday until a few moments ago! So here's my latest Saturday Questionnaire. Can you believe its March already? I can't!

1. Mood:
I'm happy but I have a sore neck and I'm cold :(

2. What are you looking forward to most today?
I'm going to an engagement party tonight, so I'm excited for that!

3. Someone is bringing you breakfast in bed, what is on the perfect tray?
Bagels covered in Philadelphia topped with Bacon! Delicious.
4. Current nail polish:
Barry M Textured Nail Paint in Kingsland Road.

5. Where do you keep your handbag when you are home?
Either sitting right beside me or upstairs in my room, depending on weather or not I have been out of the house and used it that day.

6. Current outfit: 
I am very casual at the minute because the only thing I've done to get ready is shower. So I am currently sat in joggers a vest top and a dressing gown. Not forgetting the rollers I have in my hair!

7. If you could try on any celeb's hairstyle for a day, whose would you choose?
Because I would never cut my hair off and I'm too scared to go blonde. I would try out something like the gorgeous hairstyle Victoria Beckham had here - 

8. Do you sleep with your bedroom door open or closed?
Shut I can't stand having it open!

9. What is the last beauty product you finished?
Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Conditioner, this morning! (not the bottle I just bought may add!)
10. Weekly goals:
Go one week without spending money on a Beauty product! For someone on as little money as me I am spending far too much money recently!

Hope you enjoyed this I'm off to get something to eat and start getting ready.
Much Love Gemma xo.