Friday, 28 September 2012

My Inspiration!:: Top 5 Youtubers

I dont seem to be doing well with this blogging so heres goes my second ever post!
As the title suggests Im going to give you a quick run down of my top 5 Youtubers, That have inspired me to start this blog and hopefully will eventually be the reason I start making Youtube videos myself.
ps. they are all stunning ladies :) im not saying that in a lesbian way fyi, they just are really all beautiful and I feel that it needs to be addressed
1. Pixi2woo -

The gorgeous Tanya Burr is definitely one of my all time favourite Youtubers, I watch every single one of her videos! They are really inspiring and Ive got to admit I have been out and bought a few products just because this lady said so ;) Her tutorials are always amazing and really easy to follow, She uses a mix of drugstore products to the more high end so these videos should be useful to absolutely everyone looking to recreate some beautiful make up looks. Definietly one to check out if you havnt already
Here is the link to her channel  - and also an added bonus her boyfriend Jim makes really fun videos too so check him out aswell -
*and quickly another thing for you to check out is there vlog channels they both have them and are both awesome :D
2. Zoella280390 -
Another beautiful lady whos videos I love is Zoe. She has such a lovely bubbly personality that always makes me smile. Again I have watched probably every single one of her videos. I cant remember her ever doing make up tutorials but her videos too are really inspiring and once again Ive bought and loved products that she has recommended. She has a fashion sense just like mine so I love seeing her clothing type hauls because once again they are filled with things I want to rush out and buy :) She doesnt have a seperate channel for vlogs and stuff its just all in one place which I think is great! I love all of her videos. Heres a link to her channel your guarenteed a laugh or two watching these brilliant videos :) Enjoy -
3. Sprinkleofglitter -

Ahh Louise such a breath of fresh air! Again this lady has such an amazing personality! Her videos always cheer me up. Even if Im not in a down mood they will always, always lift my spirits. She just has such a way of making everyone feel happy. Like Zoe (who happens to be her best friend, they met through Youtube!! How cool?!) she doesnt do make up tutorials but does give recommendations for some amazing products. I love watching her rambly vlogs where she will just sit and tell us what shes been up to and how shes feeling. I dont really know what else to say she amazing and you need to check out her channel -
*she also has a vlog channel go find it!!
4. Pixiwoo -
The real life make up artists that I love Sam and Nic, now if you dont know anything about these two heres a quick run down, They are sisters from Norwich that have there own make up studio where they run make up classes, (I am dying to attend one!) Sam has her own brush line called 'Real Techniques' I own two sets of these and they are amazing, Ill definitely be buying more in the near future! And of course they do Youtube videos, mostly make up tutorials that are fantastic (but what can you expect really from such amazing make up artists) they also give product reviews and information and if your not able to afford the higher end make up that they talk about they often post little videos of dupes for expensive products that you can pick up for a fraction of the price in places like boots and superdrug! Overall I think these two are fantastic and if you havnt seen them before go and look now you'll more than likely become hooked to their videos like me -
*and of course they have a vlog type channel check that out too!
5. ViviannaDoesMakeup
Last but by no means least is Anna. Shes one of the more recent Youtubers that I have come across and like all the others Ive mentioned, Im hooked on her videos. Whenever a new one pops up in my subscription box I watch it straight away.She is such a sweet girl and her videos are so informative and once again Im always dying to try out the products thats she mentions. Thanks to this girls love of Essie nail polish, I think Im going to have a very large collection very soon, they are just the most beautiful polishs Ive laid eyes on and I need most of them in my life :P Annas make up is always so neutral and lovely but I think it looks gorgeous and anyone that doesnt like to try out the more daring looks some of the other Youtubers pull off you should definitely try out some of the tips and tricks she uses. Heres the link to her channel -
So there you go guys 5 of my most loved Youtubers. I watch so many videos on Youtube its unbelieveable, But looking in my 'History' on my channel these 5 are feautured the most and I would definietly say these are my favourites and the ones I enjoy the most.
But just a little extra heres a few more channels for you to check out :)
I really do spoil you dont I :) I hope you have enjoyed reading this and find some amazing new people to watch and adore :)
Much Love Gemma xo.

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