Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Fashion Wishlist

Hello Again,
Today Im going to be continuing with my 'Wishlist' series. This time showing you a few of the Fashion bits and pieces that I really want! I could have gone on forever with this but I've cut it down to 5 items. Enjoy!

1. ForeverUnique Shimmer Dress, this dress isnt actually avaliable on the website anymore (I've included the link to the site though just incase you want to check it out, they have the most stunning clothes!) but I thought I would include it anyway because it is beautiful and from the minute I saw Lucy Mecklenburgh wearing it on The Only Way Is Essex a few months ago I fell in love with it. However it had a hefty pricetag of around £360 so there was no way I was ever going to order it, but its without a doubt at the top of my wishlist. If only I was rich and it was still avaliable :(
2. River Island Boots, one thing you dont know about me is this - I am obsessed with studs! So these boots are literally perfect for me! I love wearing military style boots around this time of year and I would love to own this pair from River Island (military/biker boots with studs? perfect!) but at £75 I cant afford them right now, maybe in a month or so they'll be mine!
3. Mulberry Bayswater Bag, I love this bag so much, Ive been wanting a new bag for a long time now (Im currently using a Pauls Boutique Tilly Twister bag) and Ive been eyeing up this Mulberry bag for sometime. Ive always wanted a designer handbag but I just can not afford it! But if I ever have the money I think a Mulberry is what I'll get, they are such iconic beautiful bags and I would love to own one.
4. Michael Kors Watch, again Ive been looking for the perfect watch for some time now,and since stumbling across Michael Kors I have fell in love with Rose Gold. Ive always wanted a watch with diamonds on it and this one is amazing. Rose Gold with Diamonds! Win. But the pricetag is too high right now
5. New Look Jacket, ahhhh this is amazing. Its a beautiful quilted jacket with studs on that I ran over to a few weeks ago in New Look. I absolutly adore it. Only thing is its getting extremly cold where I live and it is just not practical! Plus I have a leather jacket extremly similar to this, so is there any point in buying it?! My answer is yes I need this jacket in my life. And I have a suspicion I will be purchasing it very soon. I just dont think I can miss out on it!
So there we have it another Wishlist post done and dusted. I love all of these items and would love to own them all! I have a sneaky feeling that I will be purchasing a few of them sometime in the near future but the others will unfortunelty just stay as a dream!
What do you think of my top 5 picks? And what are yours? I would love to find out.
Much Love Gemma xo.


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