Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Gemma Loves:: Liz Earle

Ok so I know I wasnt going to be writing any beauty blogs but I just have to share my love of Liz Earle with all you guys!
I assume you have all heard of Liz Earle but for those of you who havnt, It is a skincare range  (founded by Liz Earle and Kim Buckland) that uses naturally active ingredients (plant extracts etc.)That is suitable for absolutly everyone no matter age or skin type.
I first heard of Liz Earle when I was watching Youtube videos and reading blogs trying to find a decent skin care regime that I could stick to. Up until purchasing Liz Earle I was using a variety of brands and never really found anything too outstanding that really stood out to me! Therefore when a product would run out I would just look for a cheap replacement somewhere in town. And embarassingly I would often not even cleanse my skin instead I would wipe a facewipe across my face, tone then moisturise and I was good to go! (embarassing and shameful I know for a qualified Beauty Therapist :/)
So one day in July (the 20th to be precise) I placed an order on the Liz Earle website after months of pondering weather I should spend the money on these products or not! I ordered the Essentials Try-Me Kit, which contains the all famous Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser(30ml tube) the Instant Boost Skin Tonic(50ml bottle) and 2 15ml tubes of the Skin Repair moisturiser, one for dry/sensitive skin and one for normal/combination skin. I thought this would be the best thing to buy on my limited budget so I could test out the products before purchasing any full sized products! It turns out I do love Liz Earle products and they do wonders for my skin :)
Heres a picture of the Kit from the Liz Earle Website
So now three months have passed and I finally have a skin care regime in place that I am actually sticking to! I purchased a full size cleanser as soon as the mini one in the kit ran out! I honestly felt and saw such a difference in my skin the first time I used it and from then I knew that it would be my staple cleanser! No matter what toner and mosituriser I use in the future I will with out a doubt use Cleanse and Polist Hot Cloth Cleanser! I also loved the toner and a full size bottle arrived on my doorstep yesterday the small 30ml bottle in the kit lasted all this time so this full sized one will hopefully not need replacing anytime in the near future! Now as for the moisturiser I havnt purchased a full sized one because right now my skin has a mind of its own, one day it'll be oily the next it will be dry! (I blame all the foundations and primers I have been trying out recently) so until my skin decides what its going to do im just alternating between cheaper alternatives aimed at certain skin types!
Aswell as there amazing skincare products. Liz Earle's service is brilliant! When ordering off the website (theres no where to purchase Liz Earle where I live so I do it all online) your order is delivered in just a few days and the products always come beautifully wrapped. You recieve small guides on how to use the products you have purchased. And everytime Ive had a delivery Ive recieved a small sample product, when I placed my first order I recieved a booklet showing and explaining all Liz Earle products along with a 15ml tube of the Skin Repair Light moisturiser for combination/oily skin and also a sachet of the Sheer Skin Tint in all 4 shades! My second purchase was the full sized cleanser and along with that I got a sample of a body wash (I cant remember what it was called because I didnt really like the scent so my boyfriend nicked it!) and with my most recent order, 200ml toner and the Rose and Lavender Special Edition Cleanse and Polish (i love the scent of this and I will be using it as my night time cleanser) I recieved a sample of the new perfume; Botanical Essence No.15. I honestly can not describe to you how much I am in love with this scent! It's amazing! When I first found out about the perfume I wasnt impressed and I didnt think I would like it, how wrong was I?! I think I will have to be purchasing it sometime soon!

Special Edition Cleanser

I feel like that was a very rambling boring post but I just had to share my love of Liz Earle with you guys! Im sorry for the lack of my own pictures but I did hopelessly try to take a few snaps with my awful replacement Sony Ericcson phone but they were shocking so Im afraid these images I got off the net will have to do.
The perfume I am dying to buy
Hope you enjoyed this post.
Much Love Gemma xo.

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