Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lustrous Lip Gloss Set

As soon as I saw this Anastasia lipgloss set online, I was dying to get my hands on it. But as far as I was aware it was a limited edition Christmas set that would never make its way over to the UK. To my surprise one morning though I had a 'new releases' email from Beauty Bay in my inbox and this was in it. So quick as a flash I bought it, in fear that it would sell out at any minute. 

This set cost £33 and contains 8 lip glosses, some shimmery and some creamy but all very highly pigmented. Gilded is a true golden colour that is full of gold shimmer. I probably wouldn't wear it alone as it really doesn't suit my fair skin, but I am going to pair it up with a few lipsticks to see what kind of colour I can create. Dainty is one of the cream finishes in the set and is a very light baby pink that is fully opaque in one swipe, it looks more peachy than pink on me but it is lovely all the same. Sunset Strip is described as an orange pink shimmer, but on me it is quite a sheer shimmery pink that takes a bit of building for a strong colour, but for a quick wash of pink shimmer one coat is all I need. Metallic Rose is a beautiful rose mauve with shimmer which reminds me of the gloss version of MAC's High Strung lipstick. Weekend Barbie is a total 'me' colour a bright cool toned fuchsia pink with shimmer, which I absolutely love. The name is very appropriate as it is just the gloss you would expect Barbie to wear, and it is a perfect weekend colour. Next is Date Night which is a gorgeous raspberry red with shimmer, again very highly pigmented and looks gorgeous on. Socialite is another red, this time it is a true red and has a cream finish, but again very pigmented and cool toned just like Date Night. Lastly is Black Cherry and I absolutely love this shade. It is a dark plum cream finished gloss and it looks amazing on the lips. Even though we are slowly getting into the warmer months I am still loving the winter trend of deep lip colours.

gilded, dainty, sunset strip, metallic rose, weekend barbie, date night, socialite, black cherry

So as I have continuously said all of these shades are very pigmented and look great on the lips. I think I will get a lot of use out of them all, except for maybe Gilded and Dainty that may take a slight back seat, until I can figure out a way to make them more wearable for me. But for someone that never really buys lipgloss I am so glad I got my hands on this little set. I don't think I will need to buy anymore glosses for a good while, as I have all I will ever want or need right here. Wear time on these all vary but on average I get 2 to 3 hours wear and a few of them leave a stain on lips after they have wore off. If your a lipgloss lover and can still track this down somewhere I would recommend you pick it up asap.
Much Love,
Gemma xo.

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