Friday, 1 April 2016

Addicted to Lush

I am absolutely OBSESSED with Lush. And over the past few months I have gained quite the collection that I have decided to share with you today. Enjoy.

As most girls I love nothing more than a relaxing Lush bath, but with a (nearly)10 month old I don't really get much time to actually have a bath as often as I would like. Which has resulted in my collection growing considerably recently, with all the new releases.

I'll start with the less exciting products that I have. The popcorn lip scrub is great at scrubbing away dry skin on the lips and smells good enough to eat (who am I kidding? that's like a lot of Lush products) Shower wise, I have eventually added a 250g of The Comforter Shower Cream, to my collection. I adore The Comforter Bubble Bar so when they brought out a shower cream version I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. My friend bought me a Lush set for Christmas and it contained the Santa's Belly Shower Jelly which I loved so much that I bought another one in the Boxing Day sales. I also bought the Snow Fairy Shower Gel in the sales, and if I am 100% honest I was a little disappointed with the smell of it. Don't get me wrong I do love it but it was completely different from what I expected from the years of hype that it has got.

Bath Bombs now, probably Lush's most popular and well known products. 2 of these are ones I have had before and all the others are brand new to me. Dragons Egg is a repurchase of mine and I absolutely love it, it has a gorgeous sweet fruity smell and is filled with multicoloured pieces. The Experimenter was the one product I was so excited about when Lush released a ton of brand new products last year for their Oxford Street store, I got this in the Boxing Day sales too, in their 'Firecracker' gifts. The smell isn't my usual as it is very musky, but still very nice and I can't wait to see it fizz away in my bath. Below that we have Cinders another cult favourite that I picked up in the sales as a back up for the one I already had at the time, I LOVE the smell of this one, its really spicy and warm because of the cinnamon and I wish it was available all year round. The biggest bomb I have at the minute is Which Came First, this is one of the newest releases from Lush in their Easter Collection, this is a sweet smelling 3 in 1 bath bomb, which when you break in half holds a cute little chick inside it, again this is one I can't wait to use. Next is another limited edition one, this time for Valentines Day, Lover Lamp is a white bath bomb with red love hearts in it, this has been described as smelling like chocolate orange, because of the citrus oils and cocoa butter, personally I can't smell that but it is delicious all the same. Another one from the Firecracker set is Intergalactic which is another amazingly coloured one that I can't wait to pop in the bath. Lastly is Sex Bomb which is one that most people have tried but I have only just got round to it, its quite a floral smelling product but I love it. Instead of being over powering like a lot of floral products, it is quite light and sweet.

And finally, my favourite products from Lush, these are all my Bubble Bars. I've not actually used any of these before, so I unfortunately can't comment on how much you should use or how bubbly they make the bath. Pink Flamingo is one of the cutest products I have had from Lush, this a sweet smelling reusable bubble bar that you can swirl in your bath, time and time again to create beautiful bubbles. Candy Mountain is the final product from the Firecracker set that I have, this is a really girly sweet 'candy' smelling bubble bar. My one and only Bubbleroon is Rose Jam, I think these are just like bubble bars but shaped like macaroons? Please correct me if I'm wrong. As you can imagine this smells like roses and is gorgeous, I'm not one for floral scents but I love this. Granny Takes A Dip is so nice to look at with all them crazy colours, I can't wait to see what this looks like in the bath, the smells is amazing too. Unicorn Horn was again from the Valentines range and is another beautiful one to look at with its pastel rainbow colours. Bunch of Carrots are from the Easter range and are deliciously sweet and look really cute. Ladybird is another really cute one shaped like a little Ladybird (obviously) It is another really sweet sugary smelling product, which if you can't tell are my favourite scents from Lush, as there is a continued sweet theme throughout my collection.

So as you can tell I am a complete Lush Addict, to some this collection maybe tiny, but to others very excessive. But like I say with only getting to have a relaxing bath every now and again, and continually buying from limited collections, my stash has grown so much since Christmas. I am thinking a Lush ban is definitely needed for the minute, so I can make a hole in this lovely lot before getting more. As always I hope you liked this post and will stick around for the ones in the future. I have big plans for this blog and intend to carry on for a long time.
Much Love,
Gemma xo.


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