Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My Lip Combo Of The Moment

I have been making a conscious effort recently, to change up my make up looks on a daily basis to get through the hoards of eyeshadow palettes that I have. One thing that always stays the same though is my lip combo, as I have the most perfect one for everyday use, or a night out for that matter.

I was drawn to Rimmel's Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob (£3.99) from the minute, I saw Amelia Liana say that it was a dupe for her favourite liner from Charlotte Tilbury, Lip Cheat in Pillowtalk. I have since gone through two tubes of it, because I am in love. It is literally the most perfect liner, creamy in consistency, which has led to me snapping it a fair few times whilst applying :( It glides on the lips likes a dream, is amazingly pigmented and although matte, doesn't dry out the lips what so ever. It is a gorgeous mauve pink shade that is perfect for that still, ever so popular Kylie Jenner lip. 

To tone down the matte from Eastend Snob, I go over it with MAC's High Stung (£15.50) this is a frost lipstick from MAC, that is absolutely my most worn lipstick in my whole collection. It is a rosy pink shade with silver shimmer running throughout it. Once again this has a great texture, nice and creamy and glides on the lips with ease. Paired with Eastend Snob it is an absolutely dream. A gorgeous mauve pink with a beautiful shimmery twist on the Kylie Jenner lip trend. This is my absolute go to combo for the moment and I can't see myself moving away from it anytime soon. Weather I am out with my baby, running errands, going to work or even out on date nights or with my girls, I always find myself coming back to this pair. And although it isn't anything extravagant or eye catching, if I am ever unsure of what lip colour to wear this is a fail safe way to give my makeup look that extra something.

What are your favourite lip combos at the minute?
Much Love,
Gemma xo.

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