Tuesday, 12 February 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte No. 29 Rose Opera

Hi Everyone, another lip product to show you today. This time, my very first Rouge Volupte Lipstick that my boyfriend very kindly bought me way back in April 2012! Post blogging days, so I apologise now for the fact you can clearly tell its been used in the pictures!

I had literally been wanting one of these for about 2 or more years! It was one of the first high end make up items that caught my eyes when I first started watching YouTube videos. But like a lot of things I lust after, it was well out of my price range, at £23.50 a pop! So when my boyfriend bought me one, one day when we were looking around Debenhams I was absolutely over the moon. In all honesty I was actually close to tears and kept on telling him not to buy it. We had been together for all of a week and a half at the time and I was really overwhelmed that he wanted to buy me it! Eventually I gave in and this beauty was mine!!

I got the shade number 29. Rose Opera which is, suprise suprise a bright pink. I wasn't so dramatic with my lip colours back then so I thought instead of buying something neutral, I would push the boat out and buy a colour that I wouldn't wear too often. Therefore having it for much longer, instead of using it all up within a few months. It's a much lighter bright pink than the other pinks in my collection. If that makes any sense at all?! In technical terms this means it is a more yellow toned pink than blue toned like the other pinks I own. But I love it and only use it on the odd occasion because I really don't want to use it up! The consistency of this lipstick is beautiful. Its really creamy and glides on easier than any other I have tried. It lasts a good few hours and leaves a beautiful stain of colour on the lips even when you think it has all gone.

As always packaging was a big factor for me! It is absolutely stunning and looks gorgeous amongst my other lipsticks, that just look boring and plain in comparison! I love the coloured window (which is the same colour as the lipstick) with the YSL logo in it! Its really sophisticated and makes me feel extremely glamorous on the odd occasion I take this out with me and pull it out of my handbag. If your willing to fork out £23.50 for a lipstick, do it! Its well worth it!

Much Love Gemma xo.

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