Friday, 14 December 2012

Instagram Post #1

After seeing hundreds of these posts dotted around the net I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and make my own. So here's the pictures my Instgram has been blessed with recently.

I'll probably sound extremely spoilt here but the first 3 pictures are of things my boyfriend has bought me recently, when we were out looking for Christmas presents he spotted this jumper in New Look, he knows I love cats so he bought it without hesitation despite me telling him not too! I was in need of a new candle and he suprised me one day by bringing me these Yankee Candles, He told me he was getting me a replacement Glade candle so this was a fantastic suprise :D And lastly I went out for a meal one night with my friend and when I got back he had bought me these gorgeous pink fluffy slipper boots from Tesco! They are so lovely and warm! They've been keeping my usual freezing cold feet toasty since the day I got them! I wasn't sure weather or not to include a pole dancing picture in this post, but seeing as I'm thinking of writing a whole post dedicated to this misunderstood sport I thought I would ease it in gently, this is a rather advanced move called 'The Superman' it requires a lot of strength and hurts like hell the first few times you try it and believe me there is nothing sexy about doing this move! Next up we have recently had an American Sweet Stall open in our local market, I couldn't resist buying some Lucky Charms, I absolutely love them. And finally three Christmassy pictures, I love these glittery reindeer's from Asda that I bought for my Christmas tree about 3 or 4 years ago, they are my favourite decorations EVER. My Make Up area in my bedroom decorated with lights and a small Christmas tree. And lastly my black tree that's in the corner of my bedroom.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into my life. More to come in the future I'm sure!
Much Love Gemma xo.


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