Friday, 28 December 2012

Instagram Post #2

My second installment of what I've been posting on Instagram recently

I had my first mince pie of the year nearly 2 weeks ago, shocking for me as I adore them and usually have a box as soon as they hit the shelves. On the 16th of December me and over 50 other dancers from my pole dancing school preformed in our annual Christmas Show, we all got a medal at the end of the night for all our hard work and dedication. I saw this glittery star decoration in Wilkinsons and had to buy it to go on my tree. Dad bought this beautiful pot wreath to take to the cemetery for my mam. Being a major fan of Lucky Charms I had to have this cereal bar when I found out the American Sweet Stall sold them. Christmas Eve and I finally finished my shopping and wrapped up a ton of presents. I eventually sat down and chilled out at about 10pm, I leave everything til the last minute! Christmas Eve treat for myself, I bought a mini hand food from Soap & Glory after wanting it for years! I was a bit spoilt on Christmas Day, my boyfriend got me a new pair of GHD's (the limited edition Cherry Blossom stylers) and my brother got me the Enrapture Totem Styler. My auntie got me these awesome presents, a rude calender and chocolate bar! And finally another present, my boyfriends Nanna and Grandad bought me a Jack Daniels giftset, I was so pleased with this, I wasnt expecting anything off them, Ive only met them a few times and they bought me the perfect gift :). Quiet night in for Boxing Day, I was at work the next day so me and my boyfriend sat in watching TV all cosy while nearly everyone we know were out drinking. Finally I had my first Terry's Chocolate Orange in years last night. Delicious!!

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Much Love Gemma xo.

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