Friday, 28 December 2012

The Present I've Been Waiting For!

As you may or may not know. I started this blog just so I could have a nosey at my favourite bloggers posts easily. I didn't post a single thing for ages, all this thing was used for was following people and having them all on one place. Then a few months ago I decided to start posting, BIG problem with that idea, I didn't own a camera and my iPhone was long gone (dropped down a toilet months previous, just in case you were curious.) so taking pictures was impossible. What was the point in a blog without pictures?! I really do not know, but I just had this overwhelming urge to start writing my own blog posts so I did it. And ever since I have been dying for Christmas to come round so I could make this blog more interesting for you guys. I asked my dad months back for a camera for Christmas. He loves his cameras so I trusted him to buy me something worthwhile, personally I would have gone into a shop picked out the prettiest camera and buy it, resulting in me owning a useless camera that takes rubbish pictures! 
Thankfully that was not the case. On Christmas morning the first thing I opened was a little box off my dad and this is what I came across

A Samsung ST66. Its such a cute little camera and is actually really good quality. I've only took pictures of my family so far and the quality was really good. So hopefully when I start snapping pictures of beauty products etc for this blog, the quality will be just as good. It even records in HD so YouTube videos could well be in the pipeline! Who knows. 
I know its not the best camera out there, but we don't have the money to spend hundreds on a camera. Especially if I for some reason or another stop blogging and just toss the camera to the side never to be used again. Don't get me wrong if I continue this blog and it becomes a bigger part of my life then yes I'll save up some money for an amazing camera. But for now I think this will do perfectly :) And seeing as my Dad has an awesome camera that cost him about £500, if I do want to take some really high quality photos I'm sure he will lend me it :). 
So from today I am hoping to get as much use out of this little camera as I can and I will posting much better and more frequent posts! Fingers Crossed
I'm really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for my blog now that I have this little beauty to help me. And I hope you come along with me on what could be a really exciting journey (how cheesy do I sound right now?!?!?!!) 
Much Love Gemma xo.


  1. The camera is such a lovely colour! Can't wait to see more posts with nice pictures! :)
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas

    1. Thank You. I love the colour too! I hope you going to enjoy my future posts. I had an amazing Christmas hope you had a brilliant time too xx

  2. You might be qualified for a free Apple iPhone 7.


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