Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Years Resolutions 2013

As its coming to the New Year, I thought I would share with you my resolutions. Like everybody else I make them and within a few days I fail. But here's hoping I do well this time round...

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1. First things first, I really want this blog to kick off. I want to start writing more frequent and interesting posts for you guys, also non of my family or friends know about my little slice of the web. So I think its about time I introduced them to what I do when I sit on my laptop for hours on end!

2. Take loads of photos. When I go on a night out countless amounts of drunken photos are taken, but never anything from my daily life. Now I have my own camera I want to start taking pictures of everything I do. So in years time when I'm looking back on the things I've done, I won't just have drunken photos my friends have took, but I'll have my own memories from day to day life.

3. Learn to do the splits. About a year ago I decided to teach myself to do the splits, to help make pole dancing moves look better. I started stretching everyday but after a few weeks I just stopped. In 2013 I'm hoping to finally knuckle down and stretch daily and get them damn splits that I'm dying for!

4. Pamper myself a bit more. I have so many beauty products that have been neglected. I want to get use of the hundreds of face masks I have in my bedroom. I want to take an hour or so to myself every week or even every month to just relax, wind down and make my skin a bit healthier.

5. Lastly, I want to be a bit better with my money, Instead of blowing my wages as soon as I get them. I want to become a bit more organised. Save up for the designer bag I've been eyeing up for months, save for trips and holidays etc. I'm positive if I'm more careful with my money, I'll be able to get so much more use out of it!

So there you go, 5 of my New Years Resolutions. I have so many things I want to accomplish next year. I'm hoping 2013 will be amazing. I want to do a lot more with my life, spend more time with my loved ones and do things I've never done before. And make 2013 the best year yet. Lets hope I do...
Much Love Gemma xo.


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