Monday, 1 April 2013

10 Day You Challenge, Day 8, 3 Films

Hi Darlings, I'm not hungover like I thought I would be today! I'm so happy :) I had a great night last night and am having a lovely chilled out Bank Holiday today. Hope your all having a great Easter as well. Here's Day 8 of my challenge.

1. Like yesterday my top has to be all of the Twilight films, I absolutely love both the films and the books. I'm gutted the Saga has come to an end now.

2. The first Taken film, I love it. It has to be my all time favourite film, I don't normally like action films but adore this one! It's amazing and it still has me biting my fingernails even after seeing it countless times.

3. When I was younger my favourite film was The Parent Trap (the one with Lindsay Lohan) and I still love it now. It reminds me of my childhood and brings back loads of memories! I think I might watch it later on.

That was short and sweet! Only two more to go and I've completed the challenge. It's been a good one :) Hope your enjoying it as much as me.
Much Love Gemma xo

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