Saturday, 30 March 2013

10 Day You Challenge. Day 6 - 5 Foods

Hi Girls, I thought Id quickly post today's You Challenge whilst my homemade pizza is cooking in the over :) Today is Day 6 which is 5 foods I love.

1. Cheese, I love the stuff. I probably like everything that has cheese in it, and I think I probably eat some form of it every day (I really don't know if that's healthy :/ but nevermind) 

2. Trifle, I can't get enough of the little singular Strawberry Trifles you get from Tesco recently. In fact I just love any type of dessert, trifles, cupcakes, cream cakes, sticky toffe pudding, eton mess. The list is endless I have such a sweet tooth!

3. Steak, rare steak is the best!

4. Chocolate, I'm a girl enough said. I love the stuff.

5. Roast dinner, You can't beat a good roast dinner. I don't eat a lot of veg, but meat, roasties, mash, gravy and yorshire puddings is all I need for a great roast!

What are your favourite foods? Has anyone else started this challenge or am I still the only one? Let me know :) Thank you for reading.
Much Love Gemma xo.

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