Friday, 22 March 2013

Instagram Post #5

Hi Lovelies, My head really hasn't been into blogging recently so I apologise for my severe lack of posts recently. Hopefully I'm back with regular posting from now on. I have a few posts I'm hoping to get up today and a lot more up my sleeve, So lets hope I have the motivation to write them all and keep your eyes peeled.
Here's a look at my Instagram recently to ease me back into blogging :)

First up the YSL Mascara Set I got from Debenhams a few weeks back. I love it! Tesco Express opened on my street last month and I went straight out and got myself some delicious cupcakes! I buy the Cookies & Cream ones all the time now, they are gorgeous! The best chocolate from the box my boy bought me for Valentines Day! It was huge, had bits of Raspberry in it and was white and pink chocolate, perfectly amazing! For anyone that thinks Pole Dancing is 'sexy' and whatever else, NO! your wrong, it bloody hurts and I often come home with bruises, this massive one (the size of my hand) appeared after an hours lesson trying to learn a new move! I'd been dying to recieve this Boots order for over a week, I was far too excited when it arrived. I eventually bought some of the new effects polishes from Barry M, a textured in Kingsland Road and Gelly Hi Shine in Lychee when they were on 2 £6 in Superdrug. The array of different brands I use on my everyday face! I never realised I used so much until I put them altogether for this photo. My new obsession, Old El Paso spicy chicken fajitas, we use the Extra Mild kit and I add lettuce cheese and sour cream and herbs sauce to mine, definitely my favourite food at the minute! A few weekends ago me and my boyfriend stayed at my Auntie's house while she was away, to look after her cats. I took countless pictures of the cats, Ginger one is Tizer the Black one is Sooty and the Grey and White is called Zazzles. Zazzles got on the top of the kitchen door on the first night, so funny! I love these little Milkybar Bunnies they've bought out for Easter. And finally the recent pole move I achieved on Tuesday, I was so happy to eventually do it and I am rather proud of myself, it requires a lot of upper body strength and took quite a while to master! I'm still contemplating doing a post on this sport, because I am still wary of what people will think and the negativity I could receive. If its something you'd be interested in though, please let me know

Hope everyone's had a good week and haven't had anymore problems with this worsening weather. I've had two power cuts whilst writing this up, nothing to do with the weather I'm sure but still, I'm not best pleased.
Much Love Gemma xo.

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