Friday, 25 January 2013

Instagram Post #3

I kind of neglected Instagram a few weeks back and hardly posted anything, but over the past week or so I've collected up a fair few pictures and eventually have enough to make a decent collage to show you guys :)

The first 2 pictures are from over three weeks ago, I eventually tried out my Chocolate Face Mask from Montage Jeunesse and I loved it. I got this Ohana Raspberry Lemonade from a sweet shop in Liverpool its amazing. Americans come up with the best things!! I'm trying to get into a routine of putting on a face mask every other Wednesday and last week I tried the White Chocolate Montage Jeunesse one. Can you tell I'm obsessed with Raspberry? I went to the shop last week and came back with these Raspberry flavoured treats. We eventually got snow where I live a few nights back. It was all gone by the next morning so the only picture I got was this dark one :( luckily as I type this the snow is coming down sooooooo heavy :) so hopefully its going to stick around for alot longer this time!! I started the Be Fit in 90 workout a few days ago, to get into shape so fingers crossed I have a nice toned bod in the upcoming months. I just had to pick up 2 of the new Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquers the day they came out. Me and the boy got a Domino's half and half pizza, I ate 2 slices and was full so thought I would snap a pic for Instagram before I carried on eating. And finally I'm stilling so excited about picking up Rose Diamond after work yesterday. I cant wait to use it!!

Hope your all well and the weather isn't causing too many problems where you are. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and leave yours in the comments so I can follow you :)
Much Love Gemma xo. 

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