Saturday, 12 January 2013

Saturday Questions! 12th January 2013

Hi Everyone! Hope your having a nice weekend so far. Here's my 10 questions for this week.

1. Mood:
I'm really happy today :)

2. Can you say the ABC's backwards without stumbling?
I very much doubt it!

3. What is the closest green object to you?
A packet of chewing gum on the table in front of me.

4. Current nail polish:
None as per usual.

5. What is your favorite song at the moment?
Pitbull - Don't Stop The Party, I love it. Gets me in the mood to go out everytime I hear it.

6. Current outfit:
My onesie, dressing gown and slipper boots, I'm having a lazy day today.

7. What coverage of foundation do you prefer most: light, medium, full, or none at all?

8. What color are the walls of your bedroom?
Purple, Pink and Silver, It needs decorating desperately!

9. What is your zodiac sign?  Do you think its characteristics represent you?
Aries. I'm rather firey and impatient like an Aries and I'm also caring of others, but some characteristics don't represent me at all. For example Aries are meant to be very trusting where as I trust hardly anyone at all. So I'd say its about 50/50

10. Weekly goals:
Start saving some money!! I want a holiday and more make up/clothes!!


  1. Great post, I love personal type posts like this :) xo

  2. Lovely post

    Olwyn from

    Please check me out, and follow x

  3. I don't think I could say the ABCs backwards without stumbling either! I love lazy days when you can stay in PJs all day. :)

    1. I have to admit I've had another lazy pj day today! The weathers horrendous and its a Sunday so I think I can be let off :) back to work tomorrow! xo.


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