Monday, 7 January 2013

Recent Nail Varnish Purchases!

Hey Everyone! I've been a little bit obsessed with Nail Polish recently, even though I hardly ever wear it because of work, hmm, a waste of money? I think not! I'll get use out of them all eventually. 

Here's 4 that I've got recently..
(l-r, topshop firework, rimmel metal rush purple reign, nails inc st. james, gosh holographic hero)

and the swatches..
(l-r gosh holographic hero, nails inc st. james, rimmel metal rush purple reign, topshop firework)

Topshop - Firework, This is my most recent purchase from when I was in Liverpool a few days ago. I wasn't actually going to buy anything from Topshop, I was browsing the Nail Polishes for ages but resisted and walked to the counter with my friends without a single item, then this was amongst a few other polishes by the counter and I just had to have it! Its a beautiful lilac glitter with tiny chunks of multi coloured glitter in it as well. I've only tested this out once and I absolutely love it! Its a really lovely lilac colour and needs about 2 coats for a full on opaque finish. It costs £6.

Rimmel Metal Rush - 80 Purple Reign, This is another one I bought on a whim when I was out shopping because I liked the look of it. The metal rush collection has been out for about 3 months from what I can gather. This one is the plum purple colour with a slight hint of gold/bronze going through it and in some lights you can see a hint of blue. This is another really beautiful polish and again takes 2 or 3 coats to become opaque. This cost me £3.99.

Nails Inc - St. James, I got this free in the December issue of Glamour magazine (Glamour is £2 and Nails Inc polishes are £11 so this was an absolute bargain!) St James is your classic red and seeing as  I for some bizarre reason have no true red colour polishes I had to pick this one up (there were 4 choices with the magazine) As with the others a few coats and the colour is opaque. Applied on its own it is super shiny anyway but with a top coat over it, it has a gorgeous shine! This is the polish that has been gracing my toe nails recently.

Gosh - 549 Holographic Hero, This was actually a prize I won from ScarlettLondon blog. It's a special edition polish called Holographic Hero. In a word it is amazing the holographic effect is really nice, its silver with a variety of other colours as it hits the light. It says its a one night only polish, which is very true. It didn't last long at all on my nails, maybe a day until chips started to appear, I've read on blogs that it has lasted for up to 2 days but I wouldn't expect much more. Its a perfect polish for nights out and is opaque in 2 or 3 coats. It will set you back £4.99 if you can get hold of it. I'm not sure how readily available it is now.

I hope you like my very first review type post. I think the pictures turned out quite well for my first attempt. I'm rather pleased. Much more to come I can assure you
Thanks for reading. Much Love Gemma xo.


  1. Wow the GOSH polish looks amazing! xx

    1. It really is amazing! If you can pick it up its definitely worth it :) xx

  2. i got the Gosh nail polish for christmas but have yet to try it out but i so cannot wait! it looks beautiful in the bottle :)

    1. Its just as stunning on the nails as it is in the bottle. Test it out as soon as you can :) xo.


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