Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tag: 50 Random Things About Me!

I've seen this tag all over so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. I hope you enjoy reading it and find out a few new things about me.
Thank you Chloe for giving me the idea of putting a collage of photos on this post!

My birthday is April 17th.
I’m really girly, I love anything pink and sparkly.
My favourite animal is an elephant.
I used to hate strawberries but I am slowly developing a liking for them.
I went on a plane for the very first time on 14th June 2012, I was terrified but I now love flying.
I get along with guys a lot more than I do girls.
I support Liverpool FC.
My favourite drink is Jack Daniels and Coke.
I used to go clubbing 2 or 3 times every week now I go out once a month if that, I got bored of it and settled down with my boy so going out drinking doesn’t appeal to me like it used to.
My favourite food is Lasagne.
And my favourite dessert is Sticky Toffee Pudding or Eton Mess.
My family come above anything or anyone in my life.
I’ve been through more heartache than a lot of people my age.
I have really bad anxiety.
I take the most care with my eyebrows, and they are the first thing I notice on other people.
I used to be anorexic, now I eat all the time.
I worry about money far too much.
I’m terrified of death.
Music used to be the biggest thing in my life, now I rarely listen to it.
I don’t know my limit when it comes to alcohol so I end up getting extremely drunk when I go for a night out.
I have a massive girl crush on Megan Fox.
I used to smoke but now I can’t stand it. I really want my boyfriend to stop.
I’m obsessed with cats.
I’m trying to teach myself to do the splits.
I really want to have children and settle down, sooner rather than later.
I love coffee but can’t stand tea.
I really want a horse.
I can’t stand water it petrifies me.
I wish I had unlimited money because I have really bad spending habits.
Christmas is my favourite time of year.
My boyfriend is the best thing to ever happen to me. He’s calmed me down a lot and has changed my life.
My best friend is having a baby girl in May and I’m probably just as excited for her arrival as my friend is.
When I buy skinny jeans they have to be super tight, I can’t stand it when they stretch.
Facebook does my head in with all the childish stupid people on it, but I can’t get rid of it! Because I’d miss it.
I love candles.
I’m really lazy, I love to sleep.
I am really forgetful.
Pole dancing is the one form of exercise I have really stuck to.  Everything else lasts for only a few months, where as I’ve been at pole for nearly 2 years now.
I love chip shop gravy so much that when we get a delivery I order an extra tub of large gravy to drink.
I have one sibling, a younger brother who will be 19 in July.
I really want to travel around America and Italy.
I still haven’t had one single driving lesson and I’m nearly 22.
I only have one tattoo but I really want more, It’s true when people say they are addictive.
I am terrified of needles but would happily sit there and be tattooed all day long.
I have a weird love for cute stationary.
I spend more money on makeup than anything else.
I love shoes.
I adore Russell Kane.
I have so many celebrity crushes I couldn’t possibly name them all.
And finally, I can’t stand spicy foods.


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