Sunday, 24 February 2013

A day late, Saturday Questionnaire 24th February 2013

Hi Lovelies, once again I'm a day late with my questionnaire, my apologies!

1. Mood:
Not great, I went out last night so I'm tired and irritable :(

2. If you had to guess, how many beauty products would you say you use a day?
It depends if I'm wearing make up or not. Maybe 10 - 20+

4. Current nail polish:

5. What is your favorite dinner dish?
Lasagne. I absolutely love a good Lasagne. And also I love a nice rare steak! mmmm.

6. Current outfit: 
Topshop joggers and top, A big fluffy dressing gown and slipper socks! Comfy Sunday clothes :)

7. Do you like to dance?
I do.

8. Can you drive a manual transmission/stick shift car?
I don't drive :(

9. What is the last beauty product you purchased?
I've purchased quite a few beauty bits over the last few days from Boots, I'll post a haul once my delivery arrives :)

10. Weekly goals:
Blog more, I've been severely slacking the past few weeks!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and are all refreshed ready for the week. I'll be back with a haul and some more reviews in the next few days :)
Much Love Gemma xo.

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