Sunday, 10 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips

Hi Girls. I know your all probably sick of hearing about the Rimmel Apocalips but I thought I would share my opinions on them with you all. One more isn't going to hurt right?!

Like many other beauty bloggers, I rushed out the day these beauties were released and picked up a few. Luckily living in a small town meant non had been sold by the time I got to Boots at nearly 5pm! All Rimmel products were on 3 for 2 in Boots at the time, but as my beloved Stay Matte Powder was on its last legs I decided to pick up a replacement. Leaving me able to only pick up two of the new releases. I decided on Big Bang and Apocaliptic.

As I expected I love these lip lacquers! The consistency is that of a lipgloss, expect they aren't at all sticky and dry matte. Eventually staining the lips when the product has rubbed off. The colours I picked up are very bold so any of you that prefer a softer or more nude lip colour should steer clear of these two. I however love them both as I am a very big fan of bold lip colours at the minute. Big Bang is a gorgeous true red colour, I don't actually have any reds in my collection so this is very much welcomed (I've decided I need more reds since getting this) And Apocaliptic is a bright in your face pink, which is right up my street! The doe foot applicator with a dip in it seems to cause some people trouble when applying, but I honestly think it works well. The dip means it picks up just the right amount of product to get a full coverage on the lips in just one swipe. And the doe foot gives a nice easy precise application. As for the packaging I love it. Its really unique with the crystal looking handle, which is somehow really fitting with the name Apocolips, it looks very 'sci fi esque' I think I will definitely be picking up some of the lighter more toned down shades in the near future. At £5.99 these are amazing products that won't break the bank and I highly recommend them.

I hope you didn't mind reading yet another review of these lip products. 
Sorry for the lack of swatches I still haven't got the hang of taking them on my camera. Bare with me.
Much Love Gemma xo.


  1. Replies
    1. You really should! I love them, definitely worth the hype in my opinion xx

  2. I have read so many great reviews about these lip lacquers and think it is about time I finally tried them x

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    2. You really should they are great!xx

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